What makes a GFE Session? And why are they so well regarded by many hobbyists? Well first of all, GFE stands for Girlfriend Experience, that is to say that the provider will engage in more sexual acts than just touching, covered oral sex and covered intercourse. Usually bareback blowjobs and french/tongue kissing make a session GFE, but some other folk got a different opinion on the whole thing.

This is more of a think piece, I mean you can just go on Wikipedia and read the article for GFE (yes, there is one) and find out what it means, but what I want to know is just how many acts make a session a GFE session for you. I see reviews on our site sometimes of people who consider a session a GFE even if the girl only kissed them on the lips and didn’t blow them bareback, but they got cuddling after the fact, or the girl was nice, passionate and got on a personal level with them. Would you count this as a GFE?

Greek doesn’t really enter the GFE service spectrum if you ask me, I had a girlfriend (not an escort, an actual girlfriend haha) who would never, ever give up the starfish, so when I have a provider who doesn’t want to take a trip to Greece I don’t really tick-off the GFE box on her profile, to me it’s normal from some of the ladies.

One thing I also hear a lot of talk about is hobbyists not opting for the GFE due to being scared of STIs. Although the risk of getting an STI from uncovered oral sex is much, much lower than from uncovered intercourse, the risk still exists, specially if either of the performers has any wounds or lacerations in their mouth the risk increases a great lot, so watch for your dental health and hers. More here

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