Are you so poor you can’t buy THIS?

Are you so poor you can’t buy THIS?

A new study says that lower income families can’t get the kinds of discounts higher income families can get, because they don’t have the money to buy in larger amounts. In other words, if the per unit price of something like toilet paper is lower when you buy 24 rolls, the average poor family is buying one and two rolls at a time and missing out on that discount. This forces the poor family to pay more, over time, than families with more money. This has to do with the upfront costs associated with consumer goods. This prevents poor families from stocking up, which makes them shop more often, which means they miss out on things like discount sales because they can’t wait. Compensating by buying cheaper brands often means these brands don’t last as long or aren’t as effective. And the problem isn’t that the folks in these lower income households aren’t good at figuring out what the best discounts will be. They just don’t have the money to lay out for things in bulk. They are extremely cost conscious but can only take advantage of certain opportunities when they have money. Poorer neighborhoods also have fewer discount stores and grocery stories.

A study like that really makes you think about the cost of things, doesn’t it? It ought to. It also ought to make you consider what the real costs of dating in traditional relationships happen to be. Because if you’re throwing money down the black hole of traditional dating and relationships, you’re not just wasting money. You’re also willfully participating in a process that is abusing you and treating you badly. The old fashioned way of dating is rigged. It’s a system designed to take advantage of you, and to pull your money out of your wallet in order to give it to women. Worse than wasting your money, though, is wasting your time. Every hour you waste on the dating game, which carries no guarantee of success, is another hour you can’t spend on almost anything else.

Think of all the money you spend in clubs and bars. There are cover charges. There is buying drinks for girls. Then, when you finally get a woman’s attention, you’ve got to try and keep it, and that means spending a lot more money. It means dumping funds into buying dinners, even cards and gifts and tickets for shows. There are so many things you’ll have to deal with… and all in the name of getting the chance to do it all over again and waste even more money. Is it any wonder, then, that most women treat dating as a way to get a guy to pay for them to go out to dinner and a show, or to go out clubbing and drinking, without ever really taking that guy seriously? It’s the natural outcome of a process like this. Girls are looking to see what they can get from you. They know you want to be with them and they use this as leverage over you. You have no guarantee that all your money and time spent won’t end in failure and disappointment.

That, without a doubt, is the worst part of a bad system. When you spend all that money, you have no guarantee that your new lady friend won’t just leave you high and dry and find somebody else she likes better. Where will you be when the bottom falls out of all your plans?

There’s a better way to engage in dating and relationships, and that is not to play the game at all. What if you never had to deal with a girl’s drama or emotional baggage? What if she showed up promptly and never stood you up… ever? What if when the date was over she promptly left? And what if you could count on what this would all cost you, with no hidden costs and no reason to expect to be asked to pay for things outside the scope of the date itself? Well, when you book one of our New York escorts, you get all of these things. You get the opportunity to spend time with a beautiful woman without pressure, without stress, and whenever is convenient to you. How excellent is it to finally have dating be both fun and convenient? You desire the company of beautiful women, and we can provide it for you! But first, you have to let go of the traditional model of dating.

Stop killing yourself to accommodate the whims and desires of a woman who doesn’t care about you! Stop putting yourself in the poorhouse to cater to her needs! A New York escort comes to you when it is convenient for you. She leaves when the booking is done and she won’t bother you after that. And if you want to see her again, you don’t have to compete with any other man for her time. All you have to do is contact us and book her again and she’s all yours. How perfect, and perfectly convenient, is that? And of course there are no hidden costs: You book your escort for the duration you want, and that is all you pay, plus the cost of whatever date you then go on. These are all things you can plan and anticipate. When you can have dating like this, why and how would you ever go back to doing things the old way? How would anyone go back to traditional dating after experiencing this much more improved method of finding, meeting, and spending time with the most gorgeous women in the city? We think it’s time you got what you deserve.

Take the respect that is your right. Finally spend your money on expenses you can control. There are no hidden costs when it comes to dating one of our escorts. There are no surprises. You can now get the time you want with a beautiful woman, and do it in the most cost effective manner there is. Book the time of one of our girls today. You won’t be sorry… and you’ll finally be spending your money on something worthwhile. Traditional dating has no guarantees… but going out with one of our sexy ladies definitely does. More here

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