Arriving at an Incall Early

I recently checked out some reviews of an attractive escort on this very site and as luck would have it, I was able to schedule a meet with her later that afternoon.  Being that I like to be punctual, I took off a little earlier to beat the traffic.  Traffic however turned out to be a breeze and arrived at her 4 star hotel about 45 minutes early before my scheduled appointment.  After I parked my car across the street (didn’t want to valet my ride at the hotel), I walked into the lobby of the hotel.  My dilemma  is what to do about the 45 minutes.  I for sure do not want to bother her before our scheduled time.  She could be cleaning up her space for me, or worse mid orgasm when the phone rings.  I don’t want to walk aimlessly around the hotel like a little perv waiting for their turn.  So, I took a beeline to the bathroom to think about what I should do.


The most obvious thing to do is to get a drink.  Most hotels have a bar and this 4 star hotel definitely had one.  An alcoholic beverage is good for the soul I am told.  If anything, it calms the nerves before any encounter. If you are anything like me, getting sweaty palms and the initial build-up before meeting the girl are such a rush for me.  The bar is also a great place for people watching.  Often times at these higher end bars, there are call girls just trolling around for johns.  So, if the one you are trying to see does not work out, you can go right back down and see if there is someone else that you like.  You will also get to see the merchandise ahead of time before making any ill-advised or advised moves.


If drinking is not your thing, more than anything else, act like you belong there.  Do not go creeping around corners and looking at the ground.  Be confident in that you know where you are going.  And walk with some purpose.  If need be, just grab a newspaper, have a seat and read the darn thing for 20 minutes to pass the time.


And lastly, if you have some true paranoia, the best thing to do with this spare time to check out the scene.  Go around the building and do some detective work.  Are there “LE” types in the vicinity, or suspicious looking people. Whatever will make you comfortable, you should go ahead and do it.  If you don’t feel right about the situation at all or that pit in your stomach is speaking to you, just bail.  The girl may ban you from calling her again, but like Kanye said…There’s a thousand yous, but only one of me.

Stay Safe Guys!

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