Bewitching Helen is a former pole dancer who loves to indulge her naughty side

Bewitching Helen is a former pole dancer who loves to indulge her naughty side

Bewitching Helen is a former pole dancer who loves to indulge her naughty side. She has embraced the lifestyle of a Bucharest escort and believes she has found her perfect calling.

“I miss working the pole sometimes,” she admits. “There’s always, on some level when you do this job, the fact that you like being the center of attention. You’re an exhibitionist. You have to be. When you walk into a club or a restaurant with your client and everybody’s head turns to look at you, well, that’s the moment you know you’ve got everyone’s interest. You’re beautiful enough and you’re sexy enough that people are checking you out. That’s what you want. A girl who didn’t enjoy that feeling, of somebody checking her out, she wouldn’t last long as a Bucharest escort. That’s why we’re here. That’s why we do what we do. It’s our job to get noticed, to get stares, to make every man in the room want to be with us while every woman wonders if she is good enough to match up with us. We’re all competitive by nature, us girls, and I think it’s healthy. We should all push each other to be on our best game, to be as sexy as we can be.”

Helen goes on, “When I would work that pole, I knew I was the center of the world for everyone in that room. Not a single guy wasn’t looking at me. I would come out on stage in my killer outfit, knowing they were all already undressing me with their eyes. They would stare at me with that hungry look, just wanting to put their hands on me, wanting to be with me, wanting to be close to me. Have you ever looked in a guy’s eyes and just seen his wanting you written there for anybody to see? It’s a pretty amazing thing to know somebody is basically in lust with you. I think you get addicted to it. Like a football player or a movie star gets addicted to fame, and wants people to come up and ask for an autograph. You just want that power. You love the feeling of sexiness just radiating off you, and you wish it would never end. You can’t help but want it to go on and on. It’s like the greatest rush in the world, almost as good as sex.”

Helen continues, “When I would take the stage, I knew it was my job to seduce everyone in the room. It was like a game. I wanted to know that I had everyone snared in my web, that I was sexy enough, beautiful enough, to captivate anyone. If there was anyone whose attention I didn’t have completely, then I wanted to correct that. I would get closer to some people, make them my focus. I would dance sexier. And then it was time to start taking off my clothes. As I peeled the layers, as I revealed my sexy self, I knew that I had them. It was just a matter of time before everybody noticed. And I watched that hungry look in their faces get more and more intense until it was just all there was. Sometimes it was almost frightening, but it was also very exciting, to have that kind of power. It was a real trip.”

Her naughty side, Helen says, is where a lot of that desire comes from. “We all have a naughty side and a good side,” she explains. “Like that classic cartoon with the little devil and the little angel sitting on your shoulders. I know that I should be good. I know that when I’m presented with temptation, I should strive to be good. But you know what? I always embrace the little devil. If it’s naughty, if it indulges my fantasies, if it’s something I want to do but I really shouldn’t, well, I’m going for it. I love that feeling of, ‘No, I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t, but I’m going to.’ Something about things being forbidden makes them more fun, more exciting, and a bigger turn-on. If it’s a crime to give in when you’re turned on, I guess I’m guilty.”

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