First Timers: What to Expect From Your Encounter With an Escort

First Timers: What to Expect From Your Encounter With an Escort Maybe it’s always been your fantasy. Maybe it’s part of a prearranged situation like a bachelor party. Maybe it’s something that happens if you’re unsatisfied with your current partner or relationship. Regardless of the reason, chances are good that, at least once in his […]

The History of Escorts

In all parts of the world, where we see traces of human culture we see evidence of a sex trade. Escorts have played a significant role in every major civilisation throughout history. This has been evident from ancient Mesopotamia to the Wild West and current day societies. The practice has a very mixed history to […]

Does Size Matter? New Study Says…

Does Size Matter? New Study Says… Every guy has been told that he’s big enough by a woman he’s dating, and every guy wonders if size truly does matter. As the old saying goes, “it’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean,” or some nonsense like that. Many women focus […]

Hot versus Crazy

Hot versus Crazy   Not long ago, a new video became viral on the Internet.  It was called the “Hot vs Crazy Matrix,” and it has been around long enough, and become popular enough, that it is now controversial.  If you think about it, everybody understands what it means.  We all get it: The hotter […]


NIGHTLIFE SERIES: DOWNTOWN BUCHAREST If you’re looking looking for a night out on the town, Downtown Bucharest has everything to offer for anyone’s taste. Downtown Bucharest is well known for its iconic skyline, gourmet restaurants, trendy clubs and the Bucharest Art walk. A recent addition to Downtown Bucharest is Bucharest Live, part of Bucharest’ rejuvenation […]

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