Packing for the Sleepover

I once heard a guy say: “Why would I bring condoms to see my provider? That’s like bringing your own cutlery to a restaurant,” and then a bunch of his buddies started nodding in agreement and high-fiving each other. I’m not here to tell you right from wrong and expect you to just blindly take […]

Phallic Symbol Buttermilk

Phallic Symbol Buttermilk Poor old Tesco, as if they haven’t got enough problems at the moment. Despite their best efforts this buttermilk carton, featuring a phallic symbol, slipped through their checks and ended up on the shelves of their Irish stores! It’s not the first time the supermarket giant has been in trouble over sexual […]


WHAT’S THE CAUSE OF TRANSSEXUAL ATTRACTION? I recently discovered a new T.V show; Ladyboys on Sky. As you can probably guess, it is a documentary that follows the lives of ladyboys in Thailand. This week focused on the men who are attracted to ladyboys and the qualities that they are drawn to. It followed the lives […]

5 Sexual Fetishes

5 Sexual Fetishes My curious mind got me thinking about fetishes, also known as Fetishism, and I came up with a list of them for you. With varying definitions of the word Fetish, I like this one from the best: “any object or nongenital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or […]

Private Escorts versus Escorts Agencies: Which one to Choose?

Though Romania may look tiny on a world map, in the real world, it is quite expansive. With that said, we have a number of males and females who can give you the required attention. But, if you get too overwhelmed with the information, we are here to help. There are establishments, escort agencies and […]


For the contemporary private escort, marketing herself in a very effective way is paramount. To promote her brand and her services, the escort needs to employ strategies and devise policies, and she must implement procedures that will ensure the desired outcome. It is a holistic approach to planning a successful career, and long turn planning […]

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