AAMP? K-Girl? I want Escort!

AAMP? K-Girl? I want Escort! So I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of these terms come and go, flashing across your screen in your search for hobbyist enlightenment and a better grasp of the whole internet hobby culture. In your mind, all you’re thinking about is finding a new escort for a date, but you […]

Erotic Locations

The Erotic Monkey team was having a bit of a discussion the other day. What’s the wildest place you’ve ever done the deed? For starters, and surprising no one, we all had already had car dates that ended in car smut. Even one of our admins who had never had it decided to book one […]


WHAT’S THE CAUSE OF TRANSSEXUAL ATTRACTION? I recently discovered a new T.V show; Ladyboys on Sky. As you can probably guess, it is a documentary that follows the lives of ladyboys in Thailand. This week focused on the men who are attracted to ladyboys and the qualities that they are drawn to. It followed the lives […]

5 Sexual Fetishes

5 Sexual Fetishes My curious mind got me thinking about fetishes, also known as Fetishism, and I came up with a list of them for you. With varying definitions of the word Fetish, I like this one from dictionary.com the best: “any object or nongenital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or […]

Diary of a Panty Wearer

Diary of a Panty Wearer Let just start from the beginning, wearing panties and other ladies garments isn’t just a fetish of a sexual nature, many brands and styles of garments actually fit and feel more comfortable than Mens versions, which brings us to the start of this journey.. I have been into wearing panties […]

Why do you make the call?

I was wondering lately, when browsing through this website, what is it that strikes your eye and commands you to make the call and book that specific escort? My hobbyist friend I gotta say that there are many things that we have in mind during the browsing that you probably might never have given any […]

Tips on getting an escort to be your third in a threesome

Tips on getting an escort to be your third in a threesome A very touchy subject indeed when you are in a relationship and are trying to introduce a third person into the equation. Let me rephrase, a third person for the night that is. Its one thing to get your significant other to agree […]


NIGHTLIFE SERIES: DOWNTOWN BUCHAREST If you’re looking looking for a night out on the town, Downtown Bucharest has everything to offer for anyone’s taste. Downtown Bucharest is well known for its iconic skyline, gourmet restaurants, trendy clubs and the Bucharest Art walk. A recent addition to Downtown Bucharest is Bucharest Live, part of Bucharest’ rejuvenation […]

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