Cool Gifts For Your Hot Provider

Cool Gifts For Your Hot Provider


Some of the classiest providers are used to receiving fancy gifts such as jewlery and expensive dates. Others, more basic escorts are even asking their clients to pick some small item on the way – usually some snack or stuff that they’ll use through the session. While most guys don’t mind the request, some find it somewhat uncanny, so let’s take a minute to talk gift etiquette.

The kind of gift you should offer to an escort depends on many things such as how long you’ve known each other, and if she’s a high-end provider on not. Of course, if you’re heading for your 5th session or more, it’s much easier to pick a gift, assuming you’ve already had some time to chat and get to know her likings a bit. In this case, knock yourself out and pick an item that you know she likes like a certain type of candy, or small piece of jewlery. A cute bracelett or pair of earings should work just fine as long as they don’t come from the plastic trinklets’ section of a supermarket. Go for something discreet instead.

If it’s your first time with an escort and you want to make a good impression, there are a few items that will never fail. You guessed it, flowers – red roses are a bit of a cliche, but they almost never fail to please. An equally successful idea is to bring a nice bottle of wine. Don’t pick the cheap generic types though – take some time to browe through the liquor store for a nice bottle of red wine. Go for something a bit fruity if you don’t mind the taste.

As you see, I’m only mentioning small items, and there is a good reason for that. It’s better not to go with a golden necklace or whatever flasy item one may stumble upon. Even for an all-time-favorite provider, it takes time to reach a point where such gift doesn’t seem too out of the blue. So remember, guys, start small and keep it classy!


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