Diary of a Panty Wearer

Diary of a Panty Wearer

Let just start from the beginning, wearing panties and other ladies garments isn’t just a fetish of a sexual nature, many brands and styles of garments actually fit and feel more comfortable than Mens versions, which brings us to the start of this journey..

I have been into wearing panties since I was young, during a time in which the only panties a young boy could wear would be if he had a gf, a close female friend or a sister and unless they knew and gave concent these panties were worn secretly. I was lucky enough to have friends who understood but it didn’t solve the problem of it not being socially accepted away from those people and in addition it was also a problem to purchase my own items as I got older due to embarrassment.. Yet still one more problem overhung me taking on wearing panties more often than not and that was the crotch, the only part of any panty worn by a man that was awkward unless you tuck..
These were ongoing issues for years…


I discovered Mens Sissy Pouch Panties!.

These, specifically made for women, then modified/altered for Men panties are the answer to it all!.. They are originally made for women giving the original fetish of wearing panties. The****ve the front pouch for comfort, space and getting a better snug fit. And finally they are indeed available on eBay allowing discreet purchase and delivery, yet this is still one that needs improvement..

Join me as I try to take on the challenge of making these more socially accepted for all men. Tackle the lack of seamstresses/Tailors who are willing to take on jobs of modifying panties and other garments for me and the lack of info regarding where the current providers are acquiring their items from. And finally the end goal is to gain enough support to push mainstream clothing lines to make these available as an option for men on their websites and in their high street stores..

This would be a mighty achievement so I appreciate any support and wish all panty wearers and supporters a stigma free indulgence..

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