Don’t Be Lonesome This Christmas and New Year

Don’t Be Lonesome This Christmas and New Year

No need to be lonesome this Christmas or New Year – Escorts has got your back! Why go with any other agency when this one is the best?!


It’s true, Escorts is THE place to go if you really love beautiful women (and who doesn’t?). Our escorts are well-known for their beauty and their warm, friendly personalities. Our escorts are gorgeous girls that’s for sure. We look for women who are young and who have incredible skin, bodies, hair and beautiful faces, but we also look for ladies who possess that special something – the spark. The spark that makes them interesting and great company too.

Christmas can be a reflective time of year – and it can be a killer if you are on your own. Our ladies understand this very well and if you are on your own this holiday season and you don’t want to be, why not book one of our escorts for some Christmas company? Bucharest has plenty of options for entertainment this festive season but as well all know, it’s much better to try them out a deux than just by yourself.


If you’re after a dinner date, Bucharest is the best place to be at Christmas as the restaurants and gastro-pubs go out of their way to show off the best cuisine the capital can offer. And indulgence is the byword at this time of year so no need to hold back!

Of course, it may just be simple intimacy that you are after at this time of year and as we said before, there is no need to be lonesome this Christmas as Escorts can help out. We are open every day apart from the 25th of December and 1st of January. See more here

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