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The Erotic Monkey team was having a bit of a discussion the other day. What’s the wildest place you’ve ever done the deed? For starters, and surprising no one, we all had already had car dates that ended in car smut. Even one of our admins who had never had it decided to book one after reading the blog piece on car dates we did earlier in the year.

So what came next? I myself did it at the beach one time, and I don’t mean a nudist beach. My date (who was very expensive I might add) objected to it at first, but it was a nice evening out and it was a holiday, we just got down and dirty, I made sure not to get any dirt on us though. To my surprise, I was the only one.

You all know George, I can confirm a wild story of his: He had booked an appointment but later in the day he damn near broke his ankle, we had to take him to the hospital and he ended up having to wait a long-ass time while they got his X-Rays back and then did the mold for the cast and, well, the point is he was gonna be in there a long time and didn’t want to miss his appointment.Article quoted by Long story short he managed to convince the lady to come in posing as his very worried wife, and George got down and dirty in a hospital bed.

Something I found funny too was that almost half of our staff had already joined the mile-high club, not with escorts though, I wouldn’t wanna know how much an escort chargers for a “round trip,” honestly. When the guys started talking about who had already done it at our offices our boss showed up and shut down the whole conversation though, bummer.

So what’s your kinkiest smut location? Sometimes sex can’t wait and you just gotta do it anywhere.

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