Escort’s Safety Tips

The relationship that exists between the client and the escort may be too subtle and it may require someone to be in control. The time that people will spend together, it can be lucrative and enjoyable for both people, however sometimes, it can be a riddle with some discomfort if some courtesies are not observed.

Here are some tips that can help you to stay safe when you use the escort services. You have to use the P. O. Box for your address on the driver’s license. You can use alternative identification card, which will not include the home address. You can use phone card or an internet-created contact to talk to your client. You have to make sure that the client does not know where you live so that he will not know where you are staying.

If you get a new client, make a background check and ensure his identity. You have to know his personal phone, state of registration, full name and email address. You can also ask about him from other escorts who may have gotten the experience with him before you. You need to know the history of the potential client and make sure that he will not put you to any risk, both legally and physically.

When you meet the person, ask him about his identification card and verify that the information he gave you are correct according to the appointment. Call any of your friends to let her or him know that you have met your client and you have to do the same when you are leaving so that they can be aware of your safety. When you get your compensation, make sure that you check the amount in a secret way. You need to keep it in a zippered compartment in the bag and you need to keep it with you wherever you may be. In case you find out that, the client did not pay you the agreed amount, leave immediately to avoid further misunderstanding that can lead you in danger.

You have to be sure of number of people that will be around and if there are any beverages to take, make sure that they are opened when you are around. You need to move with your things always, so that you cannot be concerned if someone has tampered with your things. If you are meeting the client especially for the first time, you can go with a taxi or a driver and you can let your client understand that there is a person waiting outside. Also, take enough money to use in case of emergency but do not take a large amount of money with you. Make sure that the place you book is private and at the same time respectful. If you need to meet a client in the hotel, confirm the name and room number with the hotel staff.

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