Getting dominated by Addison

Getting dominated by Addison


Once in a while I love getting dominated by Addison, he does things so well. He up is just great at everything.

So we started by tying my hands behind my back as I got naked and then I was put on my knees, Addison walked around me and teased me with his nice cock. Just swinging it in front of my face. Rubbing the tip of it along my legs, my nipples, my back, ass, etc. then he fed it to me and told me how fast to suck and how deep. In one of his hands he had a whip and was whipping my butt at the same time. At some moments he made stick out my tongue and he whipped it too. He then put some clamps for my nipples and then put his cock back in my mouth. At about this time he was fucking my throat and holding my head with his hands. I did gag a lot, lots of saliva flowed out of my mouth too. His cock was dripping with my saliva. He then brought me to the bench where I was in a sort of doggy position, it’s like a mini picnic table, I had my legs on two part and my chest and stomach was on a higher part, he tied my ankles and knees to the bench and untied my hands to tie them to the front of the bench. Here he put a ball gag on me and then started to toy with my asshole, he ended up putting a butt plug in it. He slapped my ass many times and I could see in the mirror that my cheeks were getting red. Then he made his way to my face removed the ball gag and shove his cock down throat. He was still slapping my body as he fucked my face.

After another little while he went behind me and fucked my pussy. I was super wet. He put the ball gag back on me, he was fucking me nice and slow, deep long strokes. He then said that it was time I take a bigger butt plug too. So he removed the one that was in there and removed my ball gag to feed me the butt plug out if my ass. After sucking it for a bit he put the ball gag back and then put a larger butt plug up my ass. Once it was in he went back in my pussy but this time he fucked me much harder. He was also pulling on my hair. I loved every moment of of it. Then he untied me from the bench and then tied me to a hook we had on the ceiling, he tied me just form my wrists, then he removed the butt plug and shoved his cock up my ass. He did pound me a lot in many positions up my ass for a while. At one point my hubby came home and he came to the room and saw us. He laughed and asked what was going on and that he didn’t know about this, I didn’t tell him Addison was coming over, usually I do. And then he said oh well I know who I’ll be having fun today, he went to get addisons girlfriend from upstairs. He brought her over without telling me. I didn’t care. They went to do their own thing as we continued ours.

We fucked for about another hour or so. He made me lick his ass a lot, made me suck too. He shoved a dildo and his cock in me at the same time, sometimes doing double anal. He was rough and I loved it. For when he had to cum he cummed all over my face then rubbed his cock all over it and fed it to me.

We joined our partners upstairs to see what they were up to and they were still having a little bit of fun on their own, so we told them we’d be in the shower. When we came back out they had finished and we spoke and laughed at what happened today. I told my hubby and his girlfriend how good the domination was. Then we said that we would swap partners for a week, meaning living together and doing all kinds of things. All four of us liked the idea and would start this saturday until next Sunday. I already had in mind what perverted pictures I wanted to send to them throughout the week to make them jealous. Can’t wait.


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