Holidays for the Hobbyist

Holidays for the Hobbyist

It’s finally Holiday Season, and your next date might be affected by it, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively, but in the end, it is as I say: The hobby stops for no Holiday. So here’s a couple of things to keep in mind before trying to book for the Holidays.

First, off I usually don’t expect my usual escorts to work on the Christmas Eve and the day itself, neither do I on New Year’s Eve and New Years, I myself don’t even work during those days and visit my family, be courteous if your provider can’t be with you those days.Article quoted by

Another thing I noticed was that one of my other usual escorts in the area would fly out to see her family and would thus be unavailable for a few weeks, but would still be up for seeing Johns in the area she flew to. Noting this I would look for new dates that just came in from out of town and score a nice one-time session. Met a few lovely ladies this way.

And of course, the one thing you wanna hear: Specials! Lots of these lovely ladies want to be able to treat themselves on the Holidays too and they know you wanna spend your Christmas Bonus on something good, so why not some companionship? Look for any specials in your area, my ATF has a special going on for a threesome, and they both wear skimpy Santa suits.

What about you? How’s your Holiday Hobbying been so far?

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