Hot versus Crazy

Hot versus Crazy


Not long ago, a new video became viral on the Internet.  It was called the “Hot vs Crazy Matrix,” and it has been around long enough, and become popular enough, that it is now controversial.  If you think about it, everybody understands what it means.  We all get it: The hotter a woman is, the more crazy she is likely to be (unless she is a trained professional like an escort, and then her hotness is just part of her professionalism). But be honest: We’ve all seen examples of this in real life. Chances are good that some of the hottest, most tanned and toned, stacked and racked women you know are also some of the craziest.  And those hot, crazy women don’t like it one bit that people are calling them crazy.

It all goes back to that old saying, “No matter how hot she is, somebody somewhere is tired of putting up with her crap.”  Hot women get everything in life, and they know it.  It’s a lot easier to go through life as an attractive woman. We have plenty of talk show hosts and investigative reporters to tell us this, although, when you think about it, that’s a pretty stupid bit of “investigative journalism,” since we all know it already.

What I’m talking about is all those talk show hosts and reporters who think they’re breaking brilliant journalistic ground when they dress up in a fat suit and makeup and go out into the world, bravely pretending to be fat and ugly.  I think Tyra Banks did it on her show, and she wasn’t the only one.  Now, picture this scenario in your head for a minute:  You’re working your job in a store, or you’re walking down the street, and a beautiful woman in skintight pants asks you for help.  You, as a red-blooded American male, are going to have the exact same reaction that red-blooded American males have everywhere when a hot chick in tight pants comes walking along, and that is this: YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HER.  You can’t help it; it’s in your genes.  Even if you’re happily married or faithfully monogamous, the thought at least runs through your mind.  This is why so many faithful men flirt with attractive women: Their minds and their bodies are wired to do it, and they enjoy doing it.

So this beautiful woman asks for your help.  You help her for the same reason you tip a friendly waitress more if she’s smoking hot: you appreciate her beauty and you’re picturing what it would be like to be the man that gets with her.  That’s perfectly normal.  It creates feelings in your brain that are enjoyable in and of themselves.  It’s what’s called a “primary benefit.”  Helping that hot chick makes you feel good, and you don’t have to think about it any more deeply than that.

Well, hot chicks expect this type of treatment.  They get very ornery when they don’t get it, too, and that’s when the crazy comes out  See, that’s what is inevitable when dealing with any smoking-hot woman. Somebody who is used to getting everything in this world, and always being treated by men acting on their best behavior, can go a lot of years and figure that’s how she always ought to be treated.  It becomes normal for her and she expects it.  But life is funny, and sooner or later, something will happen to disappoint her.  She won’t get her way, or something won’t happen the way she would prefer it, and these factors may be entirely out of her control and out of the control of the man she’s with.  That won’t stop her from taking it out on him.

She’ll go nuts on the closest target, and that’s usually her boyfriend or target. If her looks are starting to go and she’s worried about THAT, then it’s going to get even worse, because it’s starting to dawn on her that the special treatment she’s used to getting won’t last forever.  This just makes for more crazy, and the longer this goes on, the worse she gets.  Some hot-crazy women will go through a string of boyfriends and even husbands, treating each one worse than the last, until she becomes one of those hot women you know is also a total psycho.

Now, you can imagine what the other side of that coin is.  The hot chick who thinks she’s a hard-hitting investigative reporter will have herself filmed being treated nicely by strangers and store employees.  Then she’ll put on her fat suit and go out into the world thinking she’s just the bravest young woman ever, because, gosh, she’s temporarily fat, and is there anything more horrible?  Now, the people she meets will play right into her hands because, let’s be honest: If some stranger is bothering you for assistance and she’s not attractive — maybe she’s even actually ugly — you’re probably not going to feel motivated to give her any extra help.  The reason for this is as simple as reasons get: You don’t particularly want to have sex with her, so why should you feel. any special motivation to assist her (beyond what you would feel for any other stranger)?

Hot crazy chicks act like this is the most horrifying thing the world.  They call it “shaming” and they act like it’s the worst abuse any woman can suffer at the hands of a man.  They refuse to believe that being fat makes them any less attractive and they demand that you accept them as they are.  So even hot women can be crazy when it comes to the idea of pretending to be… not hot.  And that’s where the hot-crazy matrix comes into play.

The hotter she is, the crazier she is going to be, because the more she is accustomed to getting her way by virtue of men wanting to sleep with her. It’s that simple. And even if you know she’s crazy, you still want to sleep with her… because she’s hot.

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