Incall V Outcall

Here is a topic that everyone should be very familiar with before embarking on a escorted date.  Namely where does this date occur?  Is it an Incall date where you go to the provider’s location or is it an outcall date where the provider comes to you?


I will outline some of the major pros and cons of each and give you a better understanding of where your date should take place.





  • You can keep your location private as you are going to their location.
  • Other people in your household will not be the wiser, especially the wife or significant other.
  • Incall session usually cost less than outcall sessions.



  • More of a chance of a sting happening at this location. Law enforcement can set up a meet and nab johns looking for some action.
  • You have to make the effort to drive out to the provider’s location. Often times, these girls double book and the first person to arrive gets the session.
  • Bait and switch type situations where a provider may not be as advertised. In situations like this, you have to make the decision to stay .
  • Robbed or ripped off by the provider or pimp.





  • Less likely that a sting will occur. Usually law enforcement will try to nab multiple johns instead of a single one.
  • Homebase.Can take comfort in knowing your surroundings.
  • Outcall is for the lazy johns. You don’t even have to leave your house to have service.




  • More expensive.There are costs associated with the girl getting to your location.  They will tack on a cost for time spent going to your location. Also, if you get a hotel, there are costs involved there too.
  • Pool of women is smaller. Most girls do incall since it is safer for them.



What do you guys prefer and why?

Hasan January 27, 2017 | Reply

Double book ?? NOT,,,is that why guys react as soon as ad is placed… saying “I be there in 10 minute” ? like their pants is on fire…. what? Why you telling people that? ,,,Many girls actually have a life and morals and require notice to transform themselves and home into place of biz …and if you stand them up,,, you will be blacklisted.

Water January 27, 2017 | Reply

Just go see well reviewed providers only and then you won’t have to deal with cons ever (Except for outcall being expensive unless you’re totally rich).

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