Sex Satisfaction In The World

Sex Satisfaction In The World

Americans are likely having less sex than Europeans, and data suggests their level of satisfaction in the sack isn’t exactly skyrocketting either. Durex USA launched a research program aiming to get insights about the levels of sexual satisfaction in 26 countries across the world, and the outcomes are not looking great for the U.S.

Worldwide, about 60% of the respondents said sex was enjoyable and central to leading a good life, while only 44% stated that they’re satisfied with their sex lives. Being content with what happens in the sack is more difficult to achieve than one would think. Durex’s survey lists a number of factors that greatly contribute to satisfaction with sex, some more abstract than others. The main key indicators influencing one’s satisfaction in bed are a stress-free life, lack of performance pressure to acheive orgasm, being healthy, and already having a rich sexual activity. No biggie, eh?

Before getting stressed out from being told not to sweat it, listen up for there are several ways to reach satisfaction that don’t involve quitting your job, picking up meditation and changing your lifestyle altogether in order to reduce stress.

Durex came up with a top of the most sexually satisfied countries, of which the U.S. is on the 10th position with a rate of 48%, 15 points lower than the neighboring Mexico. Although the satisfaction rate in the U.S. ranks pretty high in the world, there is no reason not to work harder to get happier and more satisfied.


How to make sex better

There obviously isn’t a quick how-to guide to improving your sex life, and by now we all learned to take these kinds of tips with a grain of salt. The key to being satisfied with your sex life accoding to Durex is to work things through. For one, assigining some extra time for your sexy encounters can work wonders for your satisfaction in bed.

The same report also underlines the importance of thinking of ways to make sex fun by finding more variation. On top of that, telling your partner about what you want to do in bed adds a great deal to the level of satisfaction.

By now you probably know what I’m hinting at. Here goes. Gentlemen, go ahead and partake in improving those numbers by getting hot and sweaty with an escort in your area. It’s fun, it’s varied, you get to spell out your most secret desires – it practically fits the main guidelines. Of course, this hobby won’t easily substitute the intimacy and satisfaction of a long-term relationship, but on all other fronts I’d say it’s a great way to increase your sexual satisfaction.

Dare I launch a final dare, and suggest you to try a girlfriend experience session, then report the results back to us.

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