Smart Sex Props: Spray-on Condoms & Remote Controlled Bras

Smart Sex Props: Spray-on Condoms & Remote Controlled Bras


Pausing to put on a condom can quickly become slightly awkward during sexy times. Condoms are one of those things you can’t live without though, especially for those of us who like a taste of hot adventures with sexy babes every once in a while.

But condoms as we know them may disappear with time. As with phones, watches, and cars, sex props may also become smart technologies. So far, one alternative to rolling a condom is to spray it on during sexy times. It’s called GirlPlay and has been invented by Michele Chu, a student at Pratt College of Art and Design in the U.S.

This new spray-on cover is made of liquid latex that comes in a tube. It has the great advantage of perfectly fitting any penis size, which makes it more dependable than the regular rubbers. On the other hand, liquid latex takes quite some time to dry out, so you and your sexy lady may find yourselves in the uncomfortable position to wait and stare at your penis right in the middle of all the fun.

While we wait for a better version of the spray-on condom, Chu came up with another gimmick that may be enjoyable for some. That’s the remote controlled bra. Fun as it sounds, it’s easy to have mixed feelings about a no-touch piece of lingerie. Sure, lots of guys hate the dark magic of bras always being so hard to unfasten, so much that bra unhooking competitions are being organized occasionally.

On the flip side, being able to remove a girl’s bra with a remote may take away the pleasure of getting a good feel of those delicious boobs you’ve been craving all day. Although not a bad idea as such, perhaps undoing a bra by clicking a button is not the sexiest thing a guy can do under the sheets. The remote, however, serves more functions that that. It’s part of a kit designed by Chu to spice up a sexy adventure. One other thing that the remote does is selecting between different flavors of condoms, which is admittedly another interesting idea to be explored in the future.


So what do you guys think about bringing tech items into our sex sessions? Will sex toys like the spray-on condoms and remote controlled bras take the fun out of sex? Or rather that smart sex toys will make our horny explorations more thrilling if we give them enough time to grow?

fallen_angel October 20, 2016 | Reply

I don’t need condoms and I bring a bunch of sex toys into my sessions. I got it made!

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