Stealthing…Is it becoming a thing?

Stealthing…Is it becoming a thing?

Currently a myriad of articles have popped up on the daily news feeds about a new dangerous sexual act called “stealthing.”  If you don’t know what stealthing is, Urban Dictionary defines “stealthing” as follows:


-Taking off the condom during sex without the bottom knowing and then proceeding to cum inside.-


Pretty simple concept right? Well, apparently more and more guys are deciding halfway through the coital act that the rubber is better when it is not on the penis.  Of course the guy is still penetrating the woman uncovered who is none the wiser on what is currently happening.  For all she knows, the condom is still on, but when the climax comes, his seed is being injected into her.


This seems to be a fairly new thing, as the aforementioned definition for stealthing was posted only a year away. In fact, Microsoft Word doesn’t recognize the word at all.  An article by the NY Post pointed to a man in Lausanne, Switzerland who was convicted of rape after he stealthed.  It was described as the first for Switzerland, where the court having ruled that the woman would have not consented to the sexual act if she knew the man would not be wearing a condom or removing it mid-act.  So, governing bodies are starting to look at this act and taking action accordingly.


There also seems to be an entire online community for these “stealthers” and that cases of people calling rape crisis hotlines after being stealthed has been on the rise.  Besides the partner unknowingly having sex without a condom, we have not even touched upon the dangers for both parties involved.  STD transmissions is the biggest and most prevalent danger, but unwanted pregnancies is also a potential downside. More here

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