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Recently I was reading local and national news on anything related to the hobby (as you too should) and I came across an article about how one in three college students in the U.S. were willing to do well remunerated sex work in order to pay their tuitions. I’d love to give us all a big lecture on how paid tuition is the devil’s plaything and we should vote communist, but this is not the time and place for that.

Why do I bring it up? Well my last ATF recently stopped being a provider, I know this because we had a pretty good personal relationship and after she stopped “working” she set up a tech company now that she had her degree, I always knew she was a college girl but I didn’t stop to think about how maybe she really needed all that money I gave her to afford college.Article quoted by

If I had to guess, I would say that this is the reason why we start seeing lots and lots of young faces come and go every three or four years, recently in our moderating this site I’ve noticed lots of hot, young and smart college girls also offering their services, not all these sugar babies have the luck of having a sugar daddy who owns the single best most profitable escort review website.

So my question to you hobbyists is, is there much of a difference between compensated dating and hooking? The article said that at least 3/4 of the girls thought seriously about acquiring a sugar daddy if it meant helping them carry on through their studies. Do you treat a paid date the same way you treat an escort?

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