Do you daydream about your Personal Trainer? Or the gym instructor who takes you for Spin Class? About slipping off her Nikes, peeling her out of those tight Lycra pants, and gently laying her down on that weight bench?

Have you had impure thoughts about your secretary as she bends over that filing cabinet in that tight, short, black skirt that shows off her stocking tops? Felt you’ve wanted to unbutton her crisp white blouse and slip off her glasses?
Or maybe you’ve had to suppress your urges when the Power-dressing estate agent shows you around a property on a warm afternoon. Just the two of you alone in the quiet house with sexual tension in the air.

If you want to act any of these scenarios out, then a high class escort may be the answer to your dreams.

Unlike cheaper escorts who often just want to take your money and move onto the next customer, the job of a high class escort is to truly pamper their client. No clinical and mechanical performance – just lots of fun and lots of inventive sex. As they have fewer clients they want to make every man that they entertain leave with a big, satisfied, smile on their face. And sometimes that might mean Role Play.

emember that to be a high class escort you have to have model looks. A beautiful face and a toned body. The chances are that your BUCHAREST high class escort will also have a varied and expansive wardrobe. With a body like that, why wouldn’t you indulge in some nice clothes?

So can your escort pass as a personal trainer? With a body like that – of course! Will she have a sharp business suit to put on for you? You bet! As for a short skirt and stockings, absolutely no problem. In fact as long as you phone in advance, the chances are that she can dress in whatever you want and behave in whatever way you’d like. As long as it’s not demeaning and doesn’t hurt anyone, then let the fun begin.

Whether you want a beautiful date in a summer dress at the door; or the jeans and t-shirt of a girl next door – perhaps the babysitter; or even your boss in her mean heels and suit, chances are your high class Bucharest escort can deliver. In fact if she’s been in the industry for a year or two then she may even have a nurses uniform, a police uniform complete with handcuffs, or some kinky domination gear.

Whether you’re into some really kinky scenes, or just want to pretend your having sex with one of your colleagues, a high class escort can make your dreams come true in more ways than one. That’s one of her roles…

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