The Singles’ Gene

The Singles’ Gene

When a first date with someone who seemed a great person goes awry for no obvious reason, we say the sparkle just wasn’t there. When you instantly click with a new acquaintance or, on the contrary, simply dislike someone from the get go it means there was or, respectively, wasn’t chemistry between the two of you.

Arguably, a large chunk of how we behave towards other people is well within our own control. Behaviors are learned by being transmitted through education, economic status, environment, and so on. However, various types of researchers such as neuroscientists and certain branches of psychologists are investigating those human traits that are generated in the brain. In other words, they look into how the human brain is wired to explain, for instance, how comes some people find it more difficult to be in committed relationships.

A team of Chinese psychologists came up with a novel factor contributing to some young adults’ tendency to remain single. They put it on the account of a gene — 5-HT1A by its popular name. Almost 600 students at Peking University took part in the study, and the results indicated that those who shared a polymorphism of the 5-HT1A gene are more likely to not maintain long-term relationships.


Needless to say, these findings aren’t like a diagnostic. It doesn’t mean that some people are programmed to be single or in strings of short-term relationships for all their lives. It just indicates that some may come with a genetic baggage that makes them more inclined to play around rather than play the together-forever card.

Playing the genetic card can only get you so far as blaming lack of commitment on your upbringing. Blaming it on parents seems to work neatly every time, thanks to Freud and now to these Peking University scholars. Even so, bear in mind that regardless of social or genetic conditioning, humans remain in control of their own decisions, so there is no need to go fatalistic on this.

On the very bright side, a couple of questions come to mind. For one, do you adventurers around here are sharing a genetic trait? And more interesting, are the hot providers you’re seeing endowed with this gene? Because in this case, count us all lucky and thankful for the amount of pure pleasure experienced with gorgeous no-strings attached babes. It’s a gift partly given by the way some of us are wired, and I say let’s cherish it with another session of hot steamy fun with a professional babe.

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