The Sun Don’t Shine State

I saw it on the news the other day, 277 people arrested in five days in Florida by cops posing as prostitutes, posting ads online and luring solicitors in. Polk County in The Sunshine State has seen a lot of hobbyists get taken out to court where the sun won’t shine that day for them, truly an underhanded tactic used by the police.

If I had to take an educated guess I would say none of those 277 people had an Erotic Monkey account or used our service in any way. We keep you updated and bring you any heads up, information and review and will make that information available for you. Make us your #1 resource for any matter that may arise or any doubt that you have.

Our team is dedicated to updating both Erotic Monkey and the Erotic Monkey blog with any vital information for your safety and the safety of all escorts, making sure you don’t fall for any traps from LE. Anytime you feel something might be up, anything seems sketchy or wrong let us know and we’ll get on it like a starving baboon on a banana split on a hot summer day.More here

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