The Virgin George

The Virgin George

So you’ve decided to lose your V-Card to an escort. We’re not here to judge you, it’s your decision, but it’s not one you should take lightly.

I’ve known plenty of people, hobbyists and civies, who lost their virginity to escorts and are pretty well-adjusted people. I’ve known guys who lost their virginity to their first girlfriend and are complete fuck-ups. There’s no way to know how it’s gonna affect you until you try it.

The biggest question I would pose for whoever is thinking of losing the v-card to a professional is: How anxious are you about losing your v-card? And then I would pin that against: How anxious would you be about having paid an escort for your first time?

If you’re thinking about sex all the time, can’t get over social anxiety with the ladies cause you’re still a virgin at whatever age you are, and think your anxiety and jitters would get better after having experienced sex then I say considering an escort is not a bad idea at all. You have all the resources you need here to find a professional girl to your liking that will help you get rid of all that pent-up sexual frustration. There are many reviews where there are first time accounts and for the most part, they have worked out.

But if you’re a very sensitive guy who grew up watching Freaks and Geeks and thought you’d get a girlfriend like Linda Cardellini and have a very special first time with her, I suggest you think twice. Don’t get me wrong, we’re all sensitive people here, I’ve told escorts I love them and I’ve had sessions where I hug and kiss the girl like she’s my girl, but in the end I know it’s a service and I’m getting all of this because I paid. If that’s too harsh a reality for you, and especially so for your first time, you should consider the way you would feel about it in the future before you just take the plunge.

My first time was pretty ok (escort or civie? that’s a secret, son), but after that came years and years of wonderful sexcapades with coeds, parlor girls and escorts. It wasn’t just because I lost my v-card, it was because I made a decision to have a good time no matter what.

seventhmoment June 20, 2017 | Reply

My first time was with a stripper and it was slightly awkward, but a decent experience all-and-all. I’ve since had some great sexual experiences with escorts and other strippers. No matter who the sexy woman is or what her profession is, pussy aint free. Learning game takes time and time is money. Searching for interested women on the streets and/or on websites takes time and time is money. Even women who date you, chances are, want to marry you so that they can divorce you for large sums of money the rest of their lives. Every woman is expecting to get their ‘pay’ from the man, just as the man is expecting to get theirs from the woman. Men need to just accept these simple realities and go out and have a ‘fucking’ good time, ON THEIR OWN TERMS!

tflewis June 20, 2017 | Reply

mine was from a Mexican hooker from Adelitas in TJ! Good times. A couple of beers, up to the hotel, blow load, walked up to Revolution street for lunch… Then back for round 2 with a different chica.

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