TIPS: To Insure Proper Service

TIPS: To Insure Proper Service

Been a while since we had a blog post. So, here it is.

I heard the following the other day that the acronym for TIPS is To Insure Proper Service. This kind of thinking would make sense for tipping upfront to make sure that the services rendered are good. In this hobby, we have all been to providers where the “Tipping” is done in different ways. Here are the 3 scenarios. What do you guys think is the right way?

1. Tipping upfront: Putting it out there that there is more money to be had once will entice the person to be tipped to work harder. If the provider does not give the level of service that you believe deserves the extra tip, then most likely you will not go back to that provider. Fool me once, but never again.

2. Tipping at the end: In this situation, you hold the right to provide whatever tip the service warranted. The service provider has to work for it to get a tip at the end.

3. No Tip: The donation is enough. In a world where these girls are making $200-$300 an hour, its more than generous for the time spent. Or that the donation builds the tip into that initial cost.

chance666 November 2, 2016 | Reply

Sweet Charles, if I were a roofer and gave you a price for a new roof on your house and I’m about to begin or even partway through, and you ask me to clean your chimney while I’m up there, you should EXPECT an up charge. To imply that I’m hustling you over it is bad etiquette and shows your lack of grasping the basic concepts of business transactions. It’s especially rude if you tried to throw a chimney job into the deal AFTER negotiating an arrangement. Remember, just because I have ladders and gets on your roof doesn’t mean I’m a chimney sweep, or that I know anything about chimneys, or that it’s common for roofers to throw in a complementary chimney job, or that I have the necessary equipment and mentality for nasty chimney work or maybe most importantly, I have already decided or discovered you are the type person who doesn’t have very good chimney hygiene and I’m nearly spewing trying to not offend you and your crusty chimney. Yet, in your mind, you’re getting hustled. Get yourself a book on the basics of retail and customer service based business. And realize what you desire and consider commonplace and acceptable might be disgusting, unsanitary, well worthy of an up charge, an not considered part of normal roofing service by the vast majority of the population. And you may have to face the harsh, sad but unchangeable reality that you unfortunately have a fugly chimney and it might be better suited to DIY type services.

sass4me November 2, 2016 | Reply

I see three different categories, 10% are mind blowing, everything in their profile is accurate, 2nd the majority, (about 70%) which are average to barely ok, just want to cash & dash, lucky to get a H J or B J.The bottom 20% are just there to scam , steal, 50 lbs overweight, all B>S> If (the per/hr rates) are not off the charts, I’ll tip those, though extremely rare, that can make my knees shake for 10 minutes!!

mp67 November 2, 2016 | Reply

Very rarely have I tipped. Wait. I take that back. If booking for 2,3, 4 hours or an overnight and paying for dining, gambling and drinks and an occasional gift, well, guilty as charged. Most of my play time was spent in Vegas and I had ladies I loved spending time with. Some would pick me up at the airport and take me to my hotel. I(we) would check in, and either go back downstairs to eat and drink or get down to business, eat and drink downstairs, and go back up for more fun. That’s why I book for at least 2 hours. I like to get to know the lady, or catch up, and it’s always fun cuz we know what the other likes and it’s sooo comfortable when you’re with someone you click with…!

kelleywhite November 2, 2016 | Reply

My Dad always took me out for drinks and he told me to always Tip on the first drink because he would get really good service and heavy handed drinks. He was right. I respected my Dad. I remember when we went to Yellow Stone National Park when I was 15. Dad always left a 5 on the table which was like a 10 today. My inquiring mind ask him why and he explained about TIPS. Later I waited tables and found that although I treated all my tables with the best service, smile and professionalism, that it was a true joy to be tipped at the end of the evening. Now being an escort I do not really expect a tip. However it does leave a lasting impression if someone does. Nuff said.

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