What’s the Perfect Escort Like?


What makes a hot escort an all-time favorite for one guy or another is hard to tell, since lots of people like widely different things. Different strokes for different folks, if you know what I mean. Still, I must admit I took a peek at the new reviews on EroticMonkey last week and must admit I was intrigued.

Your steamy adventures with horny escorts almost made me blush and some certainly left me flustered. And I couldn’t help but notice that the image of the perfect escort was coming into shape in your stories. So what is the ideal escort like? Let me tell you, dear hobbyists, I was excited to find it takes more than merely cool tits.

Let me first say that, for obvious reasons, it’s usually the extended sessions that seem to give most insights about how cool an escort is. The stories you brought back from your hot sessions and shared with us helped me get a glimpse into three of the things you like most in an escort.

To be gorgeous but not vain

Those guys who had the chance to get hot and heavy with stunning babes were greatly overjoyed by being made comfortable with a girl-next-door attitude. So looks are an important asset, but what really gets a guy going is a down to earth gorgeous escort. She will use her looks to fire up the atmosphere, while also being friendly and welcoming with guys. Sounds delicious! Come think of it, I’d never say no to a chick like this either.

Jim October 20, 2016 | Reply

The hotness factor is important…..there has to be chemistry. But for me….the most important….is that we connect. Even though she’s not my S.O, she’s got to be damn close to it. I can do everything with her and more, but I don’t have to live with her. Now that’s fuckin awesome!

ag007 October 20, 2016 | Reply

Wow herpast, when you decide to do a Bruce General please give me a call! LOL After agreeing that I’ll add my own observations. I have already met the lady who is really close to everything I could possibly imagine for my ATF. She fits my perfect body type. Tall, long muscular legs, narrow hips, nice tight butt, slender waist, large firm breast and long dark hair. She is beautiful and has won beauty parents. We have walked into restaurants where the bar totally went silent. Every eye on her, even the females. She was totally oblivious, even surprised when I mentioned it later. When I’m with her there’s nobody else, all of her attention is on my ugly old ass. She makes me feel young and sexy again. She is relaxed and in no hurry when we are together. Sex with her is amazing even when my age catches up with me. I am in a state of amazement after my time with her. So I think I’m already there. LOL she may very well do some drugs. If she does she his it well. That’s all I can ask. After all I’m seeing her to replace my wife. Looks, sensuality and personality are the keystone to finding an ATF.

wowMark October 20, 2016 | Reply

It’s pretty simple to me what makes the “perfect escort“. Safe, clean and physically fit just about covers it. I’ve offered potential escorts 50 dollars for a 5 or 10 minute (quick) preview at a close-by fast-food restaurant or even at the motel. I hand them the 50 dollars and we have a little polite conversation prior to making immediate plans. Being new to this, I’ve only spent about 24 hundred dollars looking for a great little actress.. 18 hundred dollars of which was a total waste. If they’re the least bit sweet, I write them a great review anyway, because.. well just because. More times than not, as soon as they get my donation, they’re on the phone with some dealer to make a delivery. Sweet Jesus! THAT screws it for me right there. I could give you a dozen reasons why; nonetheless waiting for the cops to bust down the door! If I was a female, I’d be the richest escort out there! I’d have a BMI under 22, I’d steer-clear of recreational drugs of all kinds. I’d take care of my teeth. I’d start a session with, “What can I do for you?” I’d be an armature psychologist asking the right questions at the right time. I’d never never talk about my work or previous cliental. As far as my date would know, I’d been waiting for them all day long! I’d protect myself knowing about signs of STDs. If I could find out what they do for a living, I’d know if they are routinely screened for transmissible diseases. (Actually, I have blood work and urine screens every 6 month at my work) Cleanliness is next to godliness. Shower for both of us before and afterwards. We wouldn’t have to get the hair wet but the rest would be washed. “Let me help you with that.”, would be part of my vocabulary. That would be a great way to check things out.. not being too graphic here. Finally, I’d find out why they’re wanting/needing an escort. Example: If it’s because they’re being neglected at home, I’d become whatever they’re lacking at home. Then, if I liked them, I’d make another date saying, “I can’t wait to see you again.” I expect this lengthy note is address to escorts more than the hobbyist. Good luck and be safe! HerPast, Louisville

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