Why do you make the call?

I was wondering lately, when browsing through this website, what is it that strikes your eye and commands you to make the call and book that specific escort? My hobbyist friend I gotta say that there are many things that we have in mind during the browsing that you probably might never have given any thought to, so let’s elaborate a bit. Let me tell you how it is:

First thing, we go for the superficial, I usually pick a girl based entirely on her picture. If the girl is HOT and I can verify that the HOT girl in the pictures is real, I will call her at least a good 80% of the times, maybe even more. Who wouldn’t wanna bang a hot chick for a few bucks for an hour? I can’t think of anyone.

But what comes after that? Well, whether the girl is hot or not I too always check all the services offered. If the girl has beautiful lips but those lips wont touch my lips or my bare member, why bother? There’s probably a girl with better “assets” around providing the same service. That’s pretty much a golden rule for me. The more services they provide, the better.

The reviews is definitely something that would bring me to see a provider.  Of course there are shills out there or pimps even trying to pump up the reputation of their girls.  But for the most part, the reviews give another person’s insight on the services and time that is provided.  Its crowdsourcing at its best.  If 10 guys review a girl and the girl gets 4 or 5 bananas, you can probably be sure that you will have a good time with that girl.  Or if there are patterns in terms of the services that she will provide, you will most likely get those services as well.

Lastly, it is often pretty tough to book a girl.  There are times that I have tried to set an appointment for a particular night and have that girl cancel on me.  I have to switch gears and try to contact other women, but by the time I need them, they are already out on other dates.  Sometimes, I have to resort to the 8th


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