3 Tips For First-Timers Going To A Bucharest Strip Club

3 Tips For First-Timers Going To A Bucharest Strip Club

Forget about what you have heard about strip clubs. They are purely entertainment to fit into the general motif of Bucharest as the entertainment capital of the world. So the idea of a seedy, raunchy, smoke-filled room with lowlifes just waiting to take advantage of you is purely a myth these days.

Consider this though: who is the one person that would make the perfect partner for your night out? You can’t do better than female escorts. They know the best strip clubs in town and more importantly, they act as your beautiful guardian angels in your rookie adventure to a strip club.

Now, forget everything you have heard about strip clubs if you’ve never been to one. Instead, consider the following as a comprehensive crash course on how to behave. You don’t want your experience in a strip club to end badly and in embarrassment, do you?

1. Don’t go if you don’t have cash to burn

You should understand that strip clubs are there to make as much money as possible while giving you a good time. So you must go there with loads of cash.

Be a good sport and tip the strippers when they do their thing in front of you. They are working girls and the tips you give them is what sustains them. It is bad form to go to a strip club, sit down and just stare at the girls. Who does that?

Even sitting at the bar far from the stage to avoid tipping the girls is unbecoming of a gentleman. You came to a strip club to be entertained. Make the entertainers feel appreciated by giving them tips. Very generous tips would be nice. Thank you.


2. Best stageside manners

There are etiquettes you must observe while sitting by the stage in a strip club.

In the first place, if you don’t intend to watch the girls, don’t get a front row seat at the stage. This is demoralizing to the ladies. It sends a message that they are not doing their job well.

Secondly, it is not good to just sit and stare with no expression on your face. You have to show the girl on stage you are in the moment. Some form of animation or excitement is expected from you. Show her she is doing a swell job.

For the records, the best way to do that is to throw as much dollar bills as possible her way.


3. Strippers are pros, not sex workers

One of the biggest fictions peddled is that strippers generally make as much money peddling sex. This myth has evolved no thanks to bad movies and television shows.

Here is the plain truth: most Strippers consider themselves as working class ladies. Most of them take their work seriously and expect you to treat them accordingly. What she sells are the sexy, entertaining routines you see. Even when you get a lap dance, don’t for one second think you can disrespect them. If the rule says on touching, then don’t touch.

Some Strippers might sit with you just to chat. Again, never forget this is part of her job. Buy her a drink and tip her as she is leaving.

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